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Measure your dog for the harness

How to measure your dog

All our harnesses are made after your dog's measurements in order to provide the best ergonomical fit.

Make sure your dog is positioned as shown below. Measure tightly against the body. Write down the measurements and add as a note at check out. 

A. Measure the circumference (A) where you want the harness to sit (leave enough room to the front legs so it doesn't chafe). 

B. Measure from withers (where the skin folds when the neck meets the back) to where you measured A on the back. 

C. Measure from the chest bone (the spiky bone you can feel on the dog's chest) to the withers. This gives you half the neck and the measurement you should add to your order. 

D. Measure from the chest bone to where you measured the circumference of the ribcage under the belly.