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Ethics and Sustainability

Our mission is to be a dog brand that continues to provide customers with clothes and asseccories for an adventurous dog life, but never to lower our ethical standards. 

At Beans & Sploot we are sick and tired of the abuse of people and planet that is far too common in the production industry. People are paid too little, deprived of their right to join trade unions, sexually or physically harressed at their workplace, and denied the right to a safe work place. When we started Beans & Sploot we always knew that we would do our best to not take part in this unjust way of making business. 

At Beans & Sploot business ethics is at the core of everything we do. When we talk about ethics and sustainability we refer to both people and planet. We have had enough of the exploitation of developing countries for the purpose of profit. That's why we have made a vow to never let profit come before ethics. Every single person deserves good working conditions and a living wage that let's them live safely, eat healthy, send their kids to school and save money each month. Our mantra is People Over Profit - P.O.P. You will see us talking a lot about P.O.P over the years to come.


People Over Profit means that we will never choose a supplier or factory solely by the cheapest price. We choose suppliers and factories based on how they treat and pay their workers. 

People Over Profit means that we will never refuse to pay suppliers what we owe.

People Over Profit means that we always do our best to minimize our impact on the environment. Because after all,we have only one earth. 


All our beautiful products are made in Sweden and we're very happy to tell you that even our wool fabric is knitted in Sweden, actually just 15 minutes from where Secilia, our founder, grew up! We stamp our boxes with stamps made in Malmö where we are based, and our metal labels are laser engraved just one hour from Malmö. The faux suede label for our Wool Blankets is laser engraved just 30 minutes away. We love buying local! 

Under each product you can read the origin of every component. .

How we try to limit our environmental foot print

Our products are made to last. We carefully choose the material for your products to last for many years to come. Dogs are, however, wild little buddies, and if something should break, we encourage you to mend over buying new. We make our products to order, happily knowing that we reduce over-production. 

One way we try to reduce our carbon foot print is by making conscious choices regarding suppliers and transportation. We try to source as locally as possible, and many of our suppliers are Swedish. Unfortunately we cannot source everything we need from Sweden, but with Northern Europe being our second biggest supplier we still try to keep the shipping distances short. A few of our materials are sourced from outside of Europe.

Our boxes and packaging are plastic free and recycable. You can help at your end by reusing or recycling the packaging. 

We never throw fabric in the bin - we always recycle it.
We are not big fans of paper that take up uncessary space. That is why we print only when really needed, which up until now basically has only been when designing labels or stickers. We reluctantly post applications to authorities and shake our heads to why they still demand regular post over digital. Come on...

We hope that you will love your products as much as we do, but in case you need to return it we will send you a return ticket for you to print. This way we save a lot of unecessary paper, and allthough we know it is a tad bit annoying to have to print it yourself, we hope that you want to help us minimizing our environmental footprint. The amount of paper that is being saved each year if every company did this is actually huge! 

Help us improve

We are not perfect, but wish we were! If you know something that we don't, please don't hesitate to enlighten us. We want to improve and be as good as possible.