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Our Story

Hello and welcome to the world of Beans & Sploot! 

 The person (and dog) behind Beans & Sploot

My name is Secilia and I am the founder of Beans & Sploot. For many years I have done a lot of hiking and one of the reasons that my medium poodle Tillmann finally enriched my life was because I wanted a hiking buddy who was always up for adventures. Tillmann is the happiest, craziest little companion I could have wished for, and he loves the endless supply of sticks in the forest. 
The idea to start Beans & Sploot came to me when I realised that Tillmann was always cold when he got wet. I love wool because it's self cleaning and warm even when wet, so I was almost frenetically searching for a wool overall for Tillmann, but couldn't find any. Since I also suddenly needed to carry stuff for both of us, I became interested in lightweight hiking. In an equally frenetic manner I searched for a lightweight rain overall, but couldn't find that either. The last resort was to make the things I needed myself. 
One year earlier I had became unemployed because of an untreatable work injury. Beans & Sploot is my way back and hopefully my road to a pain free life. It has been one hell of a hard, fun and enlightening journey bringing Beans & Sploot to life, and I am so happy to now be offering you the products I have been missing myself. 

About Beans & Sploot

Beans & Sploot designs and produces functional and stylish dog clothes and accessories for the active dog and its owner. All our products are made to order in Sweden.

Our Values

At Beans & Sploot the highest priority is an active sustainability approach in all we do. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is very close to our heart and the foundation for our business. 

We want to run a company that respects all humans’ right to a living wage and good working conditions. We want to run a company that respects the nature and its limited resources. We want to run a company that puts these things before profit. And that is exactly what we’re doing.
To read more about how we run Beans & Sploot with CSR constantly present, click Ethics and Sustainability